Our Story

I am Seppo O. Valjakka, the sole person behind DR. Frankinstein Guitar Works – there are no employees, no affiliates, no associates; it has always been this way and will continue so in the future (you deal directly with the builder/tech).


I have played, built and hot rodded stringed instruments for more than fifty four years (most of the electric guitar’s life). I can make your present instrument sound and play better or create a totally new one to enhance your musical experience.


I now live in the Dominican Republic where I continue to build stringed instruments for those wanting to have serious fun.


Also, I accept limited custom orders and ship worldwide via EMS.


My contact is: matti@execulink.com


Phone 809-261-1703

"The Edge Of Time"

Memoirs from an earlier time..........

Was speaking to my friend Seppo yesterday,  and he asked me if I remembered the guys that we played with,  during the life of the band The Edge of Time. That was easy for me,  as it was the best time of my life. I have to start at the beginning though. The third Sunday in February of 1964, Seppo showed up at my house, and asked my parents if I could join his band. The reason I remember that Sunday, is because we had just got home from Sudbury, where I had sung in the Kiwanis Music Festival Gala. I had scored the highest mark in the festival that year, and was the closing performance.


Not long after we arrived at home, there was a knock on the door. My dad answered, and what happened afterward would change the direction of my life forever. There stood Seppo. He got right to the point, and asked my dad if I could join his band.A discussion between my dad, and mom ensued. Dad felt it would expand my musical experience, and supported the idea fully. Mom on the other hand was worried about that terrible drug marijuana, and her son being influenced by it. Right then and there I should have told her that ship had already sailed. The final vote was counted, and that afternoon, I became a member of The Edge of Time. 14, and a burgeoning rock star.


Gimme a couple of days, and the story continues, whether you like it or not..........