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This is the Yukon Jack guitar made with genuine wood crate sides from a shipping crate circa the 1970s. The tele style set neck works well with the top load humbuckers. The simple switching and wrap around tailpiece complete this relic beauty.

Here you are, fans of Keith Richards, the ultimate, true 5 string tele - not a six string with one gone. It has a solid pine body, maple/ebony set neck, a brass five string bridge with brass saddles and pickups hot enough to fry eggs! This ain't your mamma's guitar, this open G tuned monster ROARS; the 5 to 1ratio geared banjo tuners keep it rock solid steady. Finished in gloss clear to show its innards, any Rolling Stones admirer should have this in their arsenal.

"Shorty SG" bass with flame redwood on Korina back, mahogany neck with lacewood FRETLESS fingerboard, 30" scale length, laminate neck with no truss rod (very stable), string through body, lipstick pickup, Black Diamond strings, punches hard!

Islander" Taos Turquoise with Marupa body, 5A flame maple neck, EMG 81 pup, Sperzels, coral graphics.

Vex" reclaimed hand hewn coco palm wood top on Marupa Sea Foam Green back, HBer sized P90s, gold hardware, sealed tuners.

"T Boid" bass made from reclaimed wood (Vestige Series), fretless ebony neck, elephant ear tuners, vintage Schecter pup, individual bridge pieces.

"Total Relic" made completely from salvaged Dominican woods.

" Headless" bass with Wenge top and neck, alder back, anodized pick guard, P bass pup, banjo style tuners.

"Coral Crackle" guitar with a Marupa body, white & turquoise binding & accents, maple/rosewood set neck, Sperzel tuners, strat style pup array, finished in Coral with crackle wood showing, gold hardware.